Walt Disney’s Hometown Visit

Have you ever wondered what inspired Walt Disney’s dream? It’s a small little town in Missouri. My daughter and I decided to take a four hour road trip to see where the mouse maker called home.

On an early Sunday morning, we got into the car and headed northwest. We got into this cute little town Marceline, Missouri.

The first thing you see when you get into town is the Disney Family home.

We actually passed this up when coming in town before going to the museum. You can either stop here first or come back. I’ll get more into later since the museum was only open for a certain time on Sunday.

Getting to the museum is pretty simple and you can’t miss it. You do have to go down the road a little further from the house.

When you walk through the doors, it’s like walking through Disneyland. The volunteers are extremely pleasant with a smile on their face. They make you feel very welcomed. One of the volunteers had Walt stay at her house when he came into town for a celebration. They will try and answer all your questions.

After a small fee, you can walk through the museum. There is his first grade desk, the flag he gave the city, and other miscellaneous items.

Walt’s 1st grade desk
The flag Walt gave to the school
Letter from Walt

There are a few different rooms to go through. There is a lot of letters you can read from his family. I will be honest, that I didn’t read many of them.

You have a room of Walt’s dreams of Disneyland. You can see what he imagined for the most magical place.

It’s A Small World
Main Street

Outside the room, you will find a piece of the branch of the tree Walt would sit under. It was known as the Dreaming Tree. Unfortunately, the tree fell in 2015.

Piece of the Dreaming Tree

My favorite room in the museum was the one with all the memorabilia. Most of the items where gifts throughout the years. I love seeing some of the Disney antiques. I spent most of my time in here.


This was the end of the museum. They have a few souvenirs you can choose to buy.

I enjoyed the museum. If it was closer, I would go again and maybe read some of those letters, but with it being four hours, I don’t see myself going back. I do recommend any Disney fan to go and visit though.

Next stop was Main Street. I wanted to see where Walt got his inspiration for Main Street at Disneyland. If you notice, there is a theater, the Coca-Cola sign on the side, cafes, and stores all down the street which you will find at the parks too. I would recommend to go on a day besides Sunday. Everything was closed. I would had loved to go into some of the shops and eat at the cafe. I wish I would have known that before hand.

Next, take a drive to the sport complex and the school that are named after Walt. Everything is close together so not a lot of driving.

Last stop was the Dreaming Tree. On our way there we saw a pothole. Yes a pothole. What is so special about this one? I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but it was a hidden Mickey.

On our way back out of town, we stopped at the Disney farm. There is a little spot behind the Disney house, the new owners have been so kind to allow the public on the back of the property where the Dreaming Tree was and a replica of the barn he use to spend time at.

Make sure you take a pen with you to the “Happy Place” so you can leave a message inside. Spend a little time here and walk in Walt’s shoes and see what made this place his home. This was my favorite spot of this trip. Walt Disney was a man with a dream. With this dream, he makes so many others come true too.

Go see for yourself the magic this little town has. Walt Disney saw it, so can you.

Please visit https://www.waltdisneymuseum.org to check the hours of operation at the museum.

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  1. annieinwander says:

    This is so cute!! Never thought of visiting Walt Disney’s home town and his family home. How cool!


    1. tinastepek says:

      I would have never thought of it too until one of my friends went. Alot of my bucket list comes from places my friends have gone


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